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MedailleConnect Update

In our next step toward simplifying password managment for Medaille account owners, Medaille will be changing the way that Medaille Connect (including Medaille 360) processes your sign-in. Most Medaille services will be switch to using your Domain account for authentication. That one password will be used to access e-mail, file servers, library databases, wireless network, Medaille360 and more.

Next Wednesday, Medaille Connect will have a new look and feel with logging into certain systems, but most people will experience no other differences with this change. There are some services, however, that will be left behind, still using the old ldap.Medaille.edu authentication server which we are renaming to Medaille Legacy.

Sign out, Disconnect, Close and Quit Browsers To Protect Yourself

As you finish with Medaille360, Blackboard, Webmail, or other MedailleConnect services, you should sign out of those services. When you're fully done or leaving this computer, you should sign out of services that are open in other tabs or windows then click the Disconnect button to prevent new sessions from being started without your password. For added protection, close all browser windows (and quit the browser if its menu bar is still visible), particularly if other people have access to this computer.